Our values

It has been our choice since the start of our association to organize cycling events far from everyday life. Projects are designed to encourage body and spirit for the adventurer to experience places on own pace and become aware of different cultures in this big world.
The first challenge we found in Tanzania, then Kenya and Uganda followed. In the meantime, we’re working on new locations behind the scenes. We are continuing to look for new places to offer a surprising added value to the traveler.
The philosophy of the organization is to explore the world with an open mind. Respect for other cultures and beliefs are essential to live the dreams.
Fair trade is also something that is evident within our vision. We see the bicycle as a transport that allows us to live through the world, diverse cultures and environments on a human pace.

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Siegfried Van Houtven
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Manager: Axi-Via bvba
Organisator: Adventure Bike Trails
Kilimanjaro Bike Trail, Kenya Bike Trail, Italy Bike Trail, Belgium Bike Trail.

Contact me on: Mail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
Phone: +32 485 088 910


Petra Van den Eynden
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Joel Nganga Gicharu
Logistics East-Africa
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Logistics East-Africa: Kilimanjaro Bike Trail, Kenya Bike Trail

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Special thanks to:

Jan Raeymaekers of lord of the drinks: for standing with us in the early beginning and most extreme time of our adventures.
Jens Van Roey: for being an inspiration to move on, no matter the challenge that block the road. Many thanks for the support in Kenya/Uganda.
Kris, Dirk, Zyra & Koen: To be part of some extreme adventures.